Group of people harvesting

Harvest Happiness

Imagine the ways your life will bloom with access to Rangeview’s expansive collection of community gardens.


Gardens maintained under the supervision of a Program Coordinator for the purpose of teaching gardening principles and practices


Land gardened collectively by a group of residents to produce fruit, vegetables and herbs

Food Forests &

Low maintenance gardens with a diverse planting of edible plants such as fruit and nut trees, vines, shrubs, herbs and perennial vegetables

Community Kitchen

Gardens focused on watching seeds become food, and having a few things to harvest and enjoy inside the kitchen regularly


Individual garden plots made available for individual gardening or growing food plants on common HOA property

Washing beets

Fruitful places to grow and flourish

In addition to the many traditional garden spaces spread throughout the community, the HOA also manages and provides access to more specialized areas that will develop an even more varied and diverse agricultural ecosystem in Rangeview.

Orchards: Fruit- or nut-producing trees maintained for food production

Pollinator Gardens: Gardens planted predominantly with flowers that provide nectar or pollen for pollinating insects

Greenhouse: A year-round building to grow plants that require protection from colder weather

Graphic of person digging and another harvesting

Happiness is homegrown in Rangeview, where garden-to-table living is always in season.

From food production to preparation and celebration, everything grown here helps to connect residents to the land – and to one another.

Man helping a little girl carry a crate of plants

Essential tools at your fingertips

A gardener is only as good as their tools, and Rangeview ensures everyone who chooses to help out in the community garden areas has access to the tools and materials needed to enjoy the culture of agriculture.

Tool Storage & Rainwater Catchment: Shared tools for residents, along with easy water access from HOA-monitored rain barrels

Communal Washing & Packing Stations: Located on private amenity spaces allowing residents to wash their fresh produce immediately after harvesting

Plus! Your own home-based garden – on your front porch, back deck, balcony or in your backyard – can become a beautiful and bountiful source of fruit, berries, herbs and vegetables.

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