Robert Ollerenshaw & June Hazel

Rooted in the Ollerenshaw Family Legacy

Robert Ollerenshaw & June Hazel

A Community Almost 100 Years in the Making

An enduring family legacy began almost a century ago when the Ollerenshaw family settled a parcel of land south of Calgary.
Each successive generation’s determination and passion has been guided by the belief, “If you take care of the land, the land will take care of you.”

Fred Ollerenshaw on the family farm

A rich farming &
ranching history

Joe and Florence Ollerenshaw began their original, self-sufficient farmstead in 1923, producing and processing their own meat, dairy, produce and grains. Joe became well known as a skilled farmer and rancher, using cutting-edge materials and methods.

The Ollerenshaws established themselves as a hardworking and community-minded family. Their son Fred later grew up to take over the family farm, and along with his wife Marjorie, expanded their holdings to include neighbouring parcels of land, including Section 23. These lands now make up Section23 Developments’ Rangeview community.

Aerial image of the Ollerenshaw family homestead

Inspiring a new way
of life in Calgary

The new generation of Ollerenshaws soon developed a reputation as pioneers of a different kind. Fred embraced new technologies, seeding crops by airplane and innovating new ways to store grain. His children Robert and June worked the farm and gardens alongside their parents, and share a deep respect for Alberta’s agricultural heritage.

Over the years, the Ollerenshaw family has been recognized for their innovation, entrepreneurialism and philanthropy. This tradition is an inspiration and point of pride for Robert Ollerenshaw, the founder of Section23 Developments, and has led to the establishment of Rangeview.

One-room schoolhouses were the heart of many rural communities

The roots of our
community name

Fred Ollerenshaw’s education grew from both his hard work on the family farm and his studies at the local one-room schoolhouse.

Hundreds of such buildings once dotted the Alberta landscape; now only a handful remain, reminders of the tightly-knit communities built by farm families like the Ollerenshaws, despite the miles between their homesteads.

While Fred’s little schoolhouse has not endured, its name – Rangeview School – lives on, a fitting tribute by Robert to honour his father while celebrating the new community coming to life. Rangeview preserves the farming tradition of the Ollerenshaw family’s lands – a perfect balance of modern living with respect for a way of life that sustained generations.

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