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Express Your Personal Style in Rangeview

Rangeview’s streets will be vibrant and rich in character and diversity thanks to three distinct interpretations of Farmhouse architecture. Choose the one that matches your own signature style then connect with our builders to find the floorplan you'll love coming home to.

Classic Farmhouse style

The Classic Farmhouse Style

Rangeview’s Classic Farmhouse style is directly inspired by the warmth and charm of traditional prairie homes of years past. An excellent representative of the Farmhouse style in Rangeview, these homes are defined by clean, vertically-oriented elevations with evenly-spaced windows, tastefully understated trim, and simple yet sophisticated exteriors.

The Classic Farmhouse is almost always anchored by an inviting front porch that leads to a comfortable and stylish interior.

Arts & Crafts Farmhouse style

The Arts & Crafts Farmhouse Style

The Arts & Crafts movement originated in England and began influencing Canadian homebuilding in the late 19th century. A wholistic design philosophy originating from the Gothic tradition, the style is focused on craftsmanship and bold detailing.

In North America, these homes were often catalogue mail order homes, many of which remain in the Calgary region. In Rangeview, this style is expressed through the use of bold colour, often with white trim and tasteful decorative details.

Modern Farmhouse style

The Modern Farmhouse Style

Envisioned as a contemporary reimagining of the Classic Farmhouse, Rangeview’s Modern Farmhouse style builds on the charm and simplicity of traditional design, while incorporating modern materials and geometric forms, along with a signature welcoming porch and clean facade.

The timeless farmhouse form is easily recognizable, ensuring our modern interpretation of the classic design will seamlessly stand side-by-side with its more traditional neighbours.

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